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Normally classes are conducted 5 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m to 2:30 p.m and Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. However, if required, Saturday could also be utilized for completion of courses / visits, sports etc.


Since the Finishing School is located within the secure premises of sector E-9, PAF Complex, Islamabad, it becomes mandatory for a student to produce her security gate pass at the entrance to the premises.

On admission, each student is, therefore, provided with a nontransferable school I.D card which must carry the required particulars and photograph of the bearer.

A student must ensure possession of her I.D card on all school days.


Students are accepted into the school on the strict understanding that progression through the course is conditional upon satisfactory attendance(90 %) and successful attainment of prescribed performance targets.

It cannot be stressed enough that school must be attended every working day. Absence due to any reason other than medical will not be condoned.

In case of illness, leave applied for should be supported by a medical certificate.

Total medical leave of the entire course may not exceed one week.


Once the admission has been finalized, there is no provision for withdrawal. There shall be no refund of the fee deposit.


Students are not to bring valuable to the school. The PAF Finishing School does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to students’ property, however caused.


The admission of a student is conditional on acceptance of the terms as set out in the prospectus and the rules published by the school from time to time. While every effort is made to inform the parents about serious breaches or violations to rules, it must also be accepted that the school reserve the right to dismiss any student whose standard of conduct is unsatisfactory or who is found to be medically unfit. There is no refund of fee in case of expulsion.


Any incidental costs incurred on behalf of the student may be charged to the students account.


PAF Finishing School is equipped to handle minor mishaps or medical conditions requiring first-aid. A ‘sickroom’ has been appropriated for this purpose. However, in the eventuality of medical treatment extending beyond the sickroom, any expense incurred will be borne by the parents / guardians.

In the interest of general safety, any student showing symptoms of a contagious disease must be immediately taken away for treatment by parents / guardian.

It is essential to provide accurate information on the medical-card at the time of admission.

All students are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations of the school.

Last Updated : 21 December, 2016